About RW Grip Frames

A little about RW Grip Frames
These grip frames are an unfinished product designed for the single action enthusiast who has some basic gunsmith skills or just a deep desire to tinker. Anyone in that category with a file and a roll of sandpaper and a decent amount of patience can fit and 
install one of these units. They are machined from the finest quality C360 Brass and 6061 Aluminum. Each one of these frames will fit 
perfectly on the Ruger Blackhawk and Single Six frame or main chassis. Great care has been taken to insure that the holes all align 
perfectly. The sides are all about .020 thousandths from center line, over the fattest of frames we have compared. The top is
adequately taller, to accommodate the tallest that we have compared. You will also notice that the angle on the side is tapered less
toward the front than the back so that they will also work on the longer maximum frames. The maximum frame is of course longer 
than the standard Black Hawk frame, therefore the angle is not as abrupt. However these two materials cut very evenly and with 
much greater ease than steel. The weight is negligible with the brass, however the aluminum is considerably lighter!
We here at RW Grip Frames are continually striving to build a better product and ad new designs continually.
We have had the wonderful opportunity to discuss ideas and designs with a great number of very knowledgeable enthusiasts, who
mind you have become integral to the designs and features that we offer. You will notice some of the designs actually reflect the 
individuals name or call sign who have been instrumental in that particular design. In other words we named it after them!
A big shout out to a few individuals who have been so helpful: Lee Martin (Single-Actions), Mike Walker (Magnum Wheel Man),
Todd Bruno (Potato Judge), Frank Dombek (Franken Fab), Dave Bradshaw! You guys are awesome.

I have built and installed hundreds of these over the last 30 years and have enjoyed many a compliment for their beauty and 
functionality! So much so that I decided to share them with you! I hope you enjoy. 
If you have any questions, it would be our pleasure to answer you! Please feel free to Contact Us.

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This picture that started it all on the https://singleactions.proboards.com/ forums. We highly recommend you join this forum. You can see our ongoing thread and read the original announcement and lead up to what we have done so far. here>>>https://singleactions.proboards.com/thread/24750/brass-bisley-grip-frames-worth