Standard Bisley New Model
Standard Bisley New Model

Standard Bisley New Model

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Our Conventional Standard Bisley has an extra 16th of an inch of material around the outer perimeter of the frame. This is the one that really started it for me. It also has another 1/8 of an inch along the inside Perimeter or what we call the inner cut, so that you can thin it down forward as well, without loosing the platen face that is necessary for the grip panel to rest on!
In about 1988 at a company named Baker Oil Tools, Baker Packers at the time before the Hughes merger, I was an NC tech and on an old 6m Fanuc controlled Mazak V25 Mill i made my first Brass Bisley Frame. Based on the Ruger design and with a couple of features that have been incorporated ever since like, The extra meat Behind the trigger guard yet cut out for the hammer spring so there is sufficient material for the grip panel to mount flat on as well as strength! This allows the front of the frame to be cut deeper for knuckle clearance. I used an old C365 Brass plate 1 inch thick that was surplus material for a product line that was now obsolete! My employer was not keen on government projects, however the fact that most shop supervisors as well as the plant manager were ever so eager to have there arms repaired and blued free of charge allowed me the opportunity to experiment while they turned a blind eye. Great bunch of guys! There is approximately thirty of those mounted on various machinists and retired or former employee's Black Hawks, now in the hands of heirs! 
We have moved the locator pin for the panels upward .010 thousandths of an inch to help tighten up the panel to the frame. I have found that most replacement panels are a roll of the dice for fit. This forces a small fit to the top of the panel so there is no slop! Check out the last drop down for a picture of old Number 1 for a good laugh. 
My First Super Black Hawk Given to me by My Father for my 18th Birthday. I had a model 29 but it just didn't have the love in it that this 1979 Ruger had in it! It was my first attempt at 50 cal in 1987 and became my first Brass Bisley a year later! Shes worth a million dollars to me. Her Name is ole Bessie. She was chambered in 500 Linebaugh And has chugged down literally thousands of 450 plus grain leads over the last 30 years with no problems. She never got a Bisley Hammer because she worked so well with the SBH Hammer she came with. She has been polished so many times i couldn't even count them, and reblued twice! After 31 years she still shoots like a dream and looks and dances like the prom queen. I love Her! LOL.
Click the following link for a quick tutorial on the differences between the Trigger Guards and Triggers available.

For images of Grip Panel Materials available click this link - Grip Panel Materials

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