Super Blackhawk Old Model
Super Blackhawk Old Model

Super Blackhawk Old Model

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My First Black Hawk, was a 357 Mid Frame. An old friend of my fathers Substituted Unique for Black powder in his old Army one day in the 
seventies and allowed me a box of metal reduced to junk that at one time looked like a revolver. LOL. However It had a wide trigger and a 
nice MR3D brass Dragoon in it that did not look like the 9 peice cylinder and 5 part main frame in the box, and i had my first brass grip 
framed black Hawk. This one is one of my personal favorites. The super Black Hawk Dragoon SBH-D OM is a recreation of Rugers famous
44 magnum Black Hawk! It is available in three different forms. SBH-D OM Dragoon trigger guard for use with Wide or Small Black Hawk 
trigger. The SBH-H OM or hunter is the standard Black Hawk trigger guard for those who don't prefer the square backed trigger guard.
The SBH-SBTG or Semi Bisley trigger guard for those who prefer a Little more of a rounded Bisley Type Trigger Guard!
This Frame combo is available upon request, .300 longer if you have got a little Sasquatch in you!

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