Here are some common questions we have gotten about our products as a whole. Hope this helps!

Q: How do I place an order and What are your prices? 
A: You must register on our site to complete a purchase. Prices are visible on the category and product pages. The total cost changes as you select the desired options.
All Brass Frames are $350.00, All Aluminum Frames are $300.00. 
Panels can be added to your frame before you add it to your cart. 
Black Micarta is $50, Walnut is $75. Those are the only current options for materials.
Third hand tools are $20 each.

Q: What guns do your grip frames fit?
A: We only offer frames for Ruger single actions right now. There are prototypes in the making for BFRs, and potential to make Freedom Arms frames, but these will be finished at a later unknown date. Announcements will be made to all existing customers and the singleactions.com forums with any new developments.

Q: What is the weight difference between steel, brass, and aluminum?
A: Using a Bisley grip frame for example - On average steel Bisleys weigh between 9.8 to 10 ounces, Brass is an ounce and a half more than steel, and Aluminum Bisley frames are less than four ounces! I have a few that have come in at about 3.5 Oz once they have been fit. 

Q: Will you ever offer steel grip frames?
A: Absolutely, we are in the process now of adding machinery and capacity. Along with this will come a setup specifically to machine steel frames in all of the options you can currently have in brass or aluminum. The ETA on that is unclear as of now. It will be a big announcement when they become available.

Q: If I have an idea or a style I like that you dont currently offer, will you make one for me?
A: Yes! We love coming up with cool new styles and products and we can create whatever you can dream up. If it is cool enough it probably will end up with your name on it!

Q: When will my order ship?
A: Our products are manufactured after they are ordered. Most of the time it is only a few weeks or less, but so far Ronnie does all the production himself and has several other responsibilities. We do not promise any timeframe for delivery, even if estimated. We hope to scale up and shrink the wait soon. Feel free to reach out for updates via phone or email. Also note, we have one or two projects (Hammers & Triggers) that have taken an extended period of time. Your patience will be rewarded when we ship. 

Q: How do I know which trigger goes to my frame?
A: It depends on the frame style and if you have an old or new model. 

For new models, or "2 screws," you can either use a Bisley or Standard Wide Blackhawk trigger. You must use a Bisley trigger with a BTG (Bisley Trigger Guard), and you must use a Standard Blackhawk trigger with an STG (Standard Trigger Guard) or DTG (Dragoon Trigger Guard). This is because the Bisley trigger guard is further forward on the gun than STG or DTG.

For Old Models, or "3 screws," you must use the OM Standard Blackhawk trigger in wide or narrow. You must select this when you order a frame from us because it is a different cut in the frame. You can NOT use a Bisley trigger on an old model. We have a Semi-Bisley trigger guard option that mimics the shape of a Bisley, but uses the same trigger and is in the same location.